Being on the water is an importance we don’t overlook. Knowing that your fly rod is covered from the day it is purchased to the time you hang up your waders for good is a humbling thought. Being consumers in the fly fishing industry, we understand that breaking your rod shouldn’t mean you miss out on the famed salmon fly hatch or have to use another rod for so long that you almost forget you even owned the rod you warrantied in the first place. But hey, accidents happen. We know that the number of variables that are inherent to fly fishing are innumerable. One of these we would like to keep a constant is our level of customer service and limit the “down time” for a warranty. Once the rod has been received it will be reviewed and addressed accordingly within a week of receiving it and shipped out.

  • If warranty is deemed manufacturer defect or issue, full cost of repair or replacement will be covered as well as express shipping to limit time away from fishing.
  • If warranty is deemed malicious or negligent cost of repair will be $70.00. This will cover cost of repair or replacement.
  • If the rod being warrantied is no longer in production an upgrade will be offered at the cost of $70.00. This will be a brand new fly rod of equal but probably better quality.